Jon Talarico

Changing the World One Connection at a Time!

Jon Talarico

Jon is widely regarded as one of the top business, mindset and networking coaches in the world. He teaches his clients how to build and create the exact relationships they need to connect to their dreams, their message and their marketplace. For the last decade he has studied the science of achievement, having been personally mentored by the legendary Les Brown. He is currently the host of The Million In YOU Podcast, dedicated to helping people uncover their inner greatness.

He has worked with some of the world’s most powerful celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, millionaires and billionaires all looking for ways to use the power of connection to create the life of their dreams.

He also devotes himself to other causes. He was a Big Brother for 2 years, a volunteer for Free Arts for Abused Children and for the past 4 years has volunteered for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, giving the gift of free hearing aids around the globe. He is also the father to two beautiful children, Gianna and Michale.


Discover The Million in You

How to find your your inner fortune to change the world

Two People Removed

How Your Only a Connection Away from Achieving the Life of Your Dreams

The Power of Connection

How to build and create the right relationships that bring you financial freedom and personal happiness

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Global Awakened Initiative Inc. is a non-profit charity organization founded by Kessa Gooden.

Since its establishment in the year 2006, the foundation had transformed to become among the most recognized United States charity organization for African people. Its impacts had spanned across areas of education, housing for the homeless, thrift and small capital provision for needing startups, and the creation of avenues for business owners to meet, network, and expand among other initiatives. The activities of the organization rest on the basic principle that the most beautiful things in the world are intangible and can only be felt with a heart filled with compassion for other humans. While Ryan Long is late, the urge to realize his dream of a better living standard for Africans had been the driving motivation behind the recent activities of the organization. Until there exists no man without a home or access to a decent education or a reasonable business opportunity, Global Awakened Initiative Inc. remains committed to always doing something about the plight of others.
Oh thee with compassion for humanity and personal upliftment. Here comes another opportunity to uplift oneself through meaningful networking with other professionals and business owners. Come one; come all as I invite you to the:

global Awakened United Summit and VIP Dinner

A 3days business summit is scheduled to take place between May 20-22, 2022.
A meeting of the world’s foremost business professionals and experts seeking partnership and great business connections.

An opportunity for shared ideas and values.

A gathering for innovation and worthy business partnership.

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We are a proud trainee of Ryan Long and the Global Unity Foundations!