James Dentley

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker,
Business Strategist and Philanthropist

James Dentley

James Dentley is best defined as a Change Catalyst because his interventions create results in record times.

His speaking style quickly engages audiences and individuals to change and think differently. His presentations are thought-provoking, entertaining, insightful, and straight to the point. Participants in his events are always left with a strong urge to take action. He is a master in the art of anticipation. An avid trend hunter ready to identify new opportunities on the horizon for individuals and organizations.

James has been speaking and training since 1982 and has spoken with hundreds of thousands of individuals in over 750 cities in 34 different countries. Simply, Google his name and you can see the value of bringing him into your next event. He works with Total Life Changes and a wide range of global organizations, and provides them with a competitive edge based on his unique understanding of the world.

His success is based on his belief that behavior is an outcome, not an input. He understands that to bring individuals into action you need to change their belief system. And that requires a very specific approach. James’ knowledge & methodology can quickly nudge old habits into new behaviors providing the spark needed to reset the mindset of your organization.

Dr. James Dentley

Dr. James Dentley's Personal Bio

James Dentley is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and one of the nation’s top Life and Business Strategist. As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, James Dentley is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity.

James hosts and speaks at events all over the world! He is the best-selling author of ‘The Frequencies of Top Performers’ and ‘MLM Mastery.’ He created the #1 speakers and communication program ‘Inspired2Speak: Action Camp.’


His passion is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to create massive success and to achieve their dreams. James passion for coaching and mentoring speakers has transformed “good speakers to great speakers and great speakers to legendary. He has spent over three decades working with start-ups to major global brands to help them increase sales, productivity, and overall success.