Eric Zuley

Founder/CEO eZWay Network
Award Winning Multimedia Mogul
Best Selling Author, Digital Concierge, Host
Sponsorship and Community Coach

Eric Zuley

Eric Zuley is the Founder and CEO of and is known as the Influencer Whisperer with a reach of 100,000,000 worldwide. Hollywood Weekly recently honored him as the 2017 Digital Trail Blazer. Several media publications have published him as one of the top ten social media influencers in the world.


Eric has been seen on Fox, ABC, CBS, E! GETTY, Washington Times and has graced the cover of over 14 magazines. In addition, he also has his own globally known radio talk show on Voice America, TV Talk Show on Actors Entertainment, founding board member with Speakers Coalition, and has acted in over seven movies and in an nine time Emmy award TV series The Bay. As an actor and producer Eric is an international commercial star for Axe Body Spray, he is acting in and producing 2 films and currently hosts his show EZ TALK LIVE. Eric is a Universal Peace Ambassador for over 180 countries by the Universal Peace Federation.

His brand eZWay is globally known all over the world. They have helped 100’s of charities raise funds and awareness for their cause through his eZWay Cares program. His marketing firm has worked with the Vice President of Wells Fargo Advisors, Lamborghini Champagne, David Hasselhoff’s wife, Dominos Pizza, hundreds of a list celebrities, CEOs, and produced over 500 red carpet events. Eric Created the eZWay Wall of Fame a social network community of 1000 + members and 400,000 visitors per month Visit CEO of

eZWay Network is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, Apple Store Reaching 300,000,000 homes and mobile phones. eZWay TV is on,, FanTV, Women On TV and