Enzo di Taranto

Sustainability & Green Crypto at the horizon 2030

Enzo di Taranto

Enzo di Taranto is a world-renowned futurist, diplomat and philanthropist. Since 1990, he has been managing innovative multi-million programmes and global campaigns worldwide, including as Campaign Manager of the United Nations Secretary-General in New York.

Enzo has been the main speaker in high-level advocacy events in major capital cities and global media events, such as: UN Climate Summits, Golden Globes, NY and Milano Fashion Weeks, Venice and Cannes Film Festivals. He is the author of award-winning books, videos, websites and essays on international affairs, climate action and human enhancement, including “World Peace 2050”, “Celebrity-Diplomacy & New Technologies” and the celebrity-based “XZEN Model of the 5 Energy Spheres” developed at Stanford University. For his global leadership and innovative work, Enzo has been featured on world-class media platforms, including: Al Jazeera, Vatican Radio, Factor de Exito, NYTimes and CNN.

Enzo is the founder of “CIRCLE X” : an exclusive Club of significant people invested in Sustainability & Climate Action at the horizon 2030. His recent “Formula Green” Mastermind and Edutainment events have led the Sustainability and Green Crypto agenda during the first-ever Formula 1 GP in Miami.

Enzo di Taranto advises Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Family Offices, HNWIs, leading CEOs, global celebrities and brands to integrate Sustainability in key industries, from Politics, Entertainment, Real Estate and Hospitality, to Space, Energy, Technology, Wellness and Fashion.