Mr. Eligha Pryor

Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.

Mr. Eligha Pryor

The multi-talented entrepreneur, Eligha Pryor, Jr., has been in the masonry and construction business for 25 years. 

After realizing his charismatic ability and finesse, he expanded his entrepreneurship as an financial advisor, mortgage broker, property manager, building contractor, roofing contractor, and motivational speaker.

Eligha Pryor has been through some of the most challenging times in his life when he was ashamed of his name. His business crashed, he had a long, draining divorce, custody battle for children, filed for bankruptcy, and was falsely accused. While all that was going on, his father was told that he only had 20 days to live.

Eligha Pryor has always had goals and dreams, and right now, he is living them and seeing the things he wants now happening. He opened his construction business at the age of 18 years old and was known as the fastest Trowel Mason in Florida. At the age of 21, he became a residential home contractor. He built hundreds of homes for families and developed a thriving model home center. During the process, he developed skills to become an architect. He designed his floor plans, expedited the building timeframe, and saved customers money when making changes to their dream homes. After becoming so successful in his business, others came against him and crushed his multimillion dollar construction business, and by doing that, he lost it all, but he did not lose his mind… Eligha was forced to change his occupation from doing what he enjoyed and always dreamed of doing.. when his father became very sick, the only thing that allowed his father to get into the mayo clinic in Jacksonville was his dad’s insurance card..once he realized the importance of the insurance card he then became and a financial adviser insurance agent and within two years in the business, he became number 2 in the nation with a significant insurance company. Once he generated enough income from the residuals he was receiving from such a substantial, quiet base that he worked so hard for, he ventured back into the construction business, building affordable homes and then selling the houses to his tenants and his insurance customers…

Eligha has been able to finish off where he left off.. he now designs his homes, builds the homes, sells the homes, finances his houses, and can insure the home. His goal is to help motivate people, encourage people, and let them know that they can accomplish their goals and dreams, and desires no matter what happens in their lives.

After the downfall, he became a more successful entrepreneur; now, he is recognized as a successful general contractor, mortgage lender, financial adviser, motivational speaker, and property manager investor.